Biggest Little Town on the Border (paperback)


The history book you’ve all been waiting for! This 363 page book follows the history of Lyle from 1853 to the present.  Black and white and color photos and all written, designed and edited by Lyle High School graduate, Mitch Helle-Morrissey. Major events in the history of the town are covered, along with 3 appendices that list the mayors, postmasters and all graduates of Lyle High School from 1907 – 2021.

Read the reviews of what people would probably say if they read it:

This book inspires me to be a better storyteller and my next seven-part documentary series is definitely going to be about the Biggest Little Town on the Border! – Ken Burns

A lot of people don’t know this but I’m named after the town of Lyle, Minnesota. It is my favorite place and Mitch is one of my favorite people. – Lyle Lovett

This book advances all of humanity and gives great hope to us all as residents of our own little Lyles around the world. – Pope Francis

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